We provide full architectural services for new construction and renovation projects and provide clients with interior design, marketing, and graphic design.  The firm is composed of 4 registered architects who work together on all projects and in all phases of projects.  It is the combination of construction expertise, architectural design, and the firms flexible staff that has allowed Tim W. Cooper Architect to design and build anything from small renovations to large-scale master planned projects.

Tim W. Cooper is also partners in a development company that was brought together under the project ‘Lakewood.’  Lakewood is an 89 unit residential neighborhood that was master planned, designed, developed, marketed, built, and was partially owned by Tim W. Cooper Architect.  The development team is currently looking for future collaborations.

Cooperative Design is the design firm’s sister company that has constructed a commercial renovation, a residential renovation, and a small commercial project.  It allows the firm to control costs in ways that are not normally possible.